BBC Breakfast feature on Working from home and some thoughts

by Mark Stokes 27. February 2013 13:25

In case anybody has missed a discussion currently doing the rounds in the news about Yahoo Chief Executive Marissa Mayer reportedly banning employees from working from home and giving them an ultimatum to "come into the office or hand in your resignation" I have a few thoughts on the topic.

The BBC, as usual, had a balanced debate with one guest promoting the positive benefits of home working and a counter view from a guest promoting the benefits of the community and support of an office based workplace.

In my opinion both sides are absolutely correct and both sides totally miss the major point of home / remote working.  In all the discussions I have seen there is a focus of home working vs office working, people seem to miss the middle, hybrid, approach.

It is important to remember that all the benefits of a team of employees working together under one roof cannot be under-estimated.  The real benefits of "water cooler chats", the support of colleagues next to you, the internal marketing that keeps employees talking the same language are not up for dispute.

However, just because an employee is in the office doesn't mean they are being productive. I wonder how many people sit in front of Facebook or news websites while they are at work?

The important factor in this discussion is allowing staff to be the most productive that they can be.  This might be them in the office with their team collaborating on ideas and team work, however the office can also bring a LOT of distraction, not to mention long commutes, time spent sitting in traffic, ever increasing fuel costs.

When our employees have a "solo" piece of work to do, such as writing a long report, researching important information why bring them into a potentially disruptive environment? For those types of work why not let them work from WHERE they are most productive and even WHEN they are most productive?  I know a lot of my best work is done from 10pm - 3am. Anything before 10:30 in the morning is just a waste of time for me staring into space waiting for my next cup of tea.

If you want to know more about enabling a remote / home based workforce then drop me a line at and I can help you with any management concerns you may have and best practices for enabling home working and the IT infrastructure you need to ensure you remote / home workers can access important company information anytime, anywhere on any device.


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